Рассказ: Top 15 TRUE Scary Stories [Mega Collab] feat. Corpse Husband, Lazy Masquerade, urmaker, Be Busta HD

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Special thanks to all five narrators who took part in this video! Check out their channels (in order):
Corpse Husband:
Lazy Masquerade:
Be Busta:
Doctor Horror:
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All of the stories in this video are from posts on (except #8).

The list of true scary stories (Credit of each story goes to their respective Reddit user):
Sometimes you can't call the cops for help. (dontwantthemtofindme)
I sexted with a psycho (PsychoShade)
Scary Mary (sheikysheik)
The bomb dump (NeroJoe)
My worst night as a nurse (nursemilla)
It left him on the brink of death (I_EAT_POOP_AMA)
Jane (Awaythrow75757)
The disturbing old man (Spencer Cwieka)
Old friend isn't so friendly anymore (PhatedGaming)
The group therapy (holmoris)
*Spacious Basement* (Bulking_Bad)
My neighbor was a murderer (goalieperson00)
The girl standing alone (BenjiBenjiB)
The Birthday Bicycle (oldman1960)
Do you know David Crist? (Aloneinthenight)

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